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iCare® Hepatitis B (HbsAG) Rapid Screen Test


iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test is a one-step immunoassay developed for Hepatitis B infection diagnostics. Design of the kit allows a person to perform the test in the safest and easiest manner. This rapid screen test provides results in 15 minutes only and can be used for both women and men.

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iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test is manufactured by JAL Innovation and used for simple but accurate testing of the whole blood for the presence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (also known as HbsAg). Detection of HbsAg serves as an aid in Hepatitis B diagnostics.

Hepatitis B is an infection of liver caused by Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). It causes long-term liver damage and may lead to cirrhosis, decompensated liver disease, and/or hepatocellular carcinoma. The symptoms appear in about 3 month after the virus invaded the body and include itchiness on the skin, body aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, dark urine, and yellowing of skin and eyes. HBV is transmitted by infected blood as well as other bodily fluids (semen, vaginal fluid, etc.) during unprotected sexual contact, use of contaminated needles, or from an infected mother to her child at birth. Virus is capable of surviving outside human body as long as 7 days.

iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test is the easiest way to find out your status quickly and privately. The only thing you will need to perform the test beyond the pack is timer/clock, as the kit already contains test cassette, dropper, diluent bottle, needle, and alcohol swab. Be aware, that Hepatitis B is a highly contagious disease and it is important to know your status and get medical care in a timely manner.

How to use iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test:

1. Clean the finger chosen to puncture with an alcohol pad and let in to dry.

2. Push in the knob of the lancet, twist it, and then pull the knob out.

3. Press the lancet against the finger and prick the skin.

4. After a drop of the blood has formed on the finger, collect the blood using micro pipette.

5. Using the pipette, apply two drops of blood to the testing cassette.

6. Open the diluent bottle and place about two drops to the testing cassette as well. Make sure the diluent liquid touches the control line.

7. Read the results in 15 minutes (do not check the results after 20 minutes or longer).

Test Results

Your blood contains HbsAG: if there are two visible pink colored lines in the Test and Control areas (marked “T” and “C” on the test device).

Your blood does not contain HbsAG: if there is no pink line in the Test area.

Test results are invalid: if a line appeared in the Test region while Control area has left blank. The results also cannot be considered as valid in case of both T and C areas were left with no visible lines. You should retake the test with a new device.


Store at room temperature between 2°C and 30°C (35 and 86 degrees F) under dry conditions. Do not use after expiration date printed on the sealed pouch. Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed. Keep away from children.


Do not use the test if it has already expired.

Do not use the kit if the package is damaged or not tightly closed.

Do not swallow – the test is for in vitro use only.

Wear gloves and protective clothing when handling specimens.

Note, that all specimens from the body are potentially infectious. Dispose all used contents properly.

iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test cannot be used more than once. Discard after first use.

Devices used for testing should be autoclaved before disposal.

Do not interchange reagents from one kit lot to another.

Q: Can Hepatitis B Virus be transmitted by non-sexual contact?

A: Hepatitis B cannot not be spread by such activities as breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, cooking, and eating. It is also cannot be transmitted with sneezing or coughing. Also, this virus can be transmitted while blood transfusion, from a mother to her child during birth, by sharing of razor blades, toothbrushes or needles among injection drug users and re-use of contaminated needles and syringes.

Q: In which case should I retake the test?

A: You have to retake the test with a new kit if a pink line appeared in the Test region while Control area has left blank or both T and C areas were left with no visible lines. Also, in case of negative result (no line in T area, but a pink colored line in C region) you have to go through further testing in order to confirm you are not infected with Hepatitis B.

Q: Is it safe to perform the iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test?

A: As long as iCare® Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test is performed strictly according to the given instructions, there are no risks in the testing process itself.

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